Internship Opportunities: Corporate Relations

We require enthusiastic people as interns – willing to devote a few hours daily in order to help us build our corporate relations. The person must be self-motivated, willing to make decisions and be able to work in a team. The person should also possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

Key functions:

  • Identify funding opportunities and develop funding proposals and letters of inquiry for grants and CSR opportunities
  • Maintain detailed record of relevant funding opportunities and grant applications in process to track fundraising progress
  • Researching prospective donors targeting the appropriate funders for the organization
  • Assist with fund-raising events
  • Work with administration to develop a comprehensive communication plan to promote the organization to donors and establish public awareness and fundraising activities

Minimum Qualifications:

  • University degree or current student in their junior or senior year
  • Interest in fundraising
  • Knowledge of or interest in event planning
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Must be a strong multi-tasker and writer, have excellent communication skills, and be extremely organized.

Please write to us on and we will get in touch with you soon.


Internship Opportunities – Science & Operations

Intern – Little Einsteins Science Programme

We require enthusiastic people as interns, who have interest in basic science (class 6 to 8) and are willing to devote a few hours daily in order to help us in creating a curriculum that will have a lasting impact on the child’s education.

Please select two areas of preference

Locations: Online/On Site

Areas of Internship:

  1. Translating Content – from English to Tamil OR English to Hindi. Work is mostly from home with daily updates over phone/email, but is required to come to the office once a week.
  2. Curriculum Development - Making books more student/volunteer friendly. Will be supported by the Science curriculum team. Work is mostly from home with daily updates over phone/email, but is required to come to the office twice a week
  3. Experiments - Supplement existing content in textbook with photos by performing and manually capturing every stage of the scientific experiments.
  4. Resource Management – Setting up a resource kit with required materials for the children that goes with the curriculum. This will include procurement and assembly of resources. Transportation costs will be reimbursed

If you have any queries contact Agne at 9884 704 878 or mail to

Bhumi’s office is located at: 13/4, Cenotaph Road, First Lane, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018 (Near Hotel Park Sheraton)

Intern – Operations

As an intern, you will be working with our Operations Manager in some of the Bhumi programmes including but not limited to ‘Joy to the World’, Refresh, Corporate visits and partnership with other NGOs, volunteer recruitment and day to day operations. You will work in all the below mentioned areas. It will be great if  you have a two wheeler

Location – Chennai, on site

Areas of Internship:

  1. Joy to the World – Bhumi’s initiative to fulfil wishes of children in orphanages. Work with us to involve more orphanages and corporates. Follow up with orphanages and corporates in wish card collection, gift collection and distribution
  2. Day-to-Day Operations – Assisting in day to day operations of the organization. (Visiting organizations/corporates/making presentations to companies) May involve a bit of travelling. Travelling cost will be reimbursed
  3. Refresh – Refresh is Bhumi’s short term volunteering opportunities. This project is in its incubation stage. Fields of work : Environment/Healthcare/Education/Events/Fundraising

The intern will work closely with the Operations Manager to develop the project by meeting with partner NGOs to study their model, presenting to corporates and colleges to recruit volunteers, and developing the project as a whole

If you have any queries contact Agne at 9884 704 878 or mail to


Internship Opportunities: Computer Project

We require enthusiastic people as interns, who have interest in basic computer (class 9) and are willing to devote a few hours daily in order to help us in creating a curriculum that will have a lasting impact on the child’s education.

Locations: Chennai/Mumbai/Bangalore/Delhi

Areas of Internship:

  1. Translation – Translation of content – English – Tamil OR English – Hindi OR English-Marathi OR English-Kannada. Needs to come to the office once in a week but can work from home otherwise. Daily updates to be provided over phone/mail
  2. Curriculum Development – Research online and update our syllabus for the next academic year. Converting books to more student/volunteer friendly. Will be supported by the Kanini curriculum team. Can work from home. Daily updates over phone/mail
  3. Activity Book – Creating an activity/practice book for kids based on the syllabus.
  4. Technical Support – We would require support in updating our software and repairing our systems spread across the city. Would involve travelling within the city.

Locations: Coimbatore

As an intern, you will be working with our City coordinator in all the below mentioned areas

  1. Recruitment Drives – Conduct recruitment drives at colleges in Coimbatore to recruit volunteers for teaching and non-teaching opportunities. The process would involve pitching to organisations, recruiting campus catalysts & orienting interested volunteers.
  2. Refresh – Refresh is Bhumi’s short term volunteering opportunities. This project is in its incubation stage. Fields of work : Environment/Healthcare/Education/Events/Fundraising

The intern will work closely with the City coordinator to develop the project by meeting with partner NGOs to study their model, presenting to corporate companies and colleges to recruit volunteers, and developing the project as a whole.

Please write to us on and we will get in touch with you soon.


Run for Bhumi – Our volunteer champions

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) is an event organised by Procam International with India Cares as their charity partner and Airtel their primary sponsor. This event, scheduled for November 23rd, is organised to instill a sense of social responsibility in the citizens. Each year more than 100 NGOs participate in the event and raise awareness and funds for their respective causes. This year Bhumi is also running to support the education of underprivileged children.

Some of our runners include (in alphabetical order):

Anshi Verma

Anshi Verma

Anshi Verma: YOU. ONLY YOU can bring the CHANGE. This is why I am running for a cause. And I want you to come and support me and make a dynamic impact. 

Ashir Aseesh Borah

Ashir Aseesh Borah

Ashir Aseesh Borah: I believe that we can bring change in the entire country with the help of education and Bhumi has enabled me to do this. I am running in ADHM to support the cause and help spread the impact to more kids. Support Ashir on

Jodhbir Singh

Jodhbir Singh

Jodhbir Singh: I am running for Bhumi the Education sector can bring a drastic change in a person’s life. Education is essential to remove the problems we face in our country today and it is also a basic right of every child. Support Jodbhir on

Karanpreet Singh

Karanpreet Singh

Karanpreet Singh: I always wanted to see change in the society but didn’t have a opportunity earlier to participate in the change. Bhumi has provided me with a platform to be at the centre of the change. I want to do a bit more by running for this cause.
Support Karanpreet on

Ketan Bhatt: We endlessly run after happiness even when it can actually be found in the happiness of others. I am running because I feel great happiness in supporting Bhumi. Support Ketan on

Vol Ritesh

Ritesh Mittal: I always wanted to do something for the society but do not know how to do it. BHUMI has provided me the platform to contribute to the society and to create an impact on the lives of underprivileged children by educating them. I am am running to raise funds for their bright future.
Support Ritesh on

Tanushree Sharma

Tanushree Sharma

Tanushree Sharma: I strongly believe that the youth today if guided and motivated properly can achieve wonders not just for themselves but for the society at large. I am running to fund the Lakshya Project as I believe that we are making a large impact in the kids’ lives. Support Tanushree on

Vikrant Sharan

Vikrant Sharan

Vikrant Sharan: Children are our future and we should do whatever it takes to ensure that they are properly taken care of as they will eventually be tomorrow’s leaders. One of the best, time tested ways of doing this is through education. This is what inspired me to run for Bhumi as a volunteer since Bhumi.
Support Vikrant on

The Wipro Chennai Marathon (TWCM) is a three-year old road race held in December of every year, in Chennai. During TWCM 2012, more than 10000 runners participated in the three run categories – 10Kms, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. TWCM is one of the biggest running events in the country today, and enjoys pride of place in the yearly marathon calendars of many. United Way Chennai is the official charity partner of TWCM. We enable the participants to give back to the city and its needy constituents.

Some of our runners include (in alphabetical order):

Vol Kaamil

Muhammed Kaamil

Muhammed Kaamil: I am Muhammed Kaamil and I run because I believe in running. Running a marathon is not about competing with others. Its about competing & conquering yourself. It about facing up to your own challenges. So, I RUN! I Believe! When I am not running, I am a freelance trainer, marketing & business consultant, and a volunteer at LAKSHYA, BHUMI’s mentoring project. Read further on Muhammed Kaamil’s fundraising page



Dr.Prahalathan KK

Dr. Prahalathan KK

Dr. Prahalathan KK: I am one the co-founders of Bhumi. I am running to raise five lakhs for Bhumi. For every lakh I raise for our cause I pledge to be stay vegetarian for a month. Read further on Dr.Prahalathan’s fundraising page




Volunteer Den – Sudhir K

A little about yourself (origin, education, past work experiences)Sudhir
I am Sudhir Kandasamy, 21, born and bought up in Chennai. As I believe that a proper education is crucial to one’s mental and emotional development, I was fortunate enough to have obtained quality education right from childhood. After my time at SBOA, I hopped on the bandwagon of pursuing an Engineering Degree, not too sure if it was my calling. While it took me some time to realize that engineering definitely was my field, I am thankful to my family for leading me in that direction when I was younger. Speaking of my family, I had an incredible childhood with loving p
arents and an over-protective intelligent sister (as most elder sisters are).

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?
I came to know about Bhumi through a friend and fellow volunteer, Sivakumar Selvaraj, and I wanted to give it a shot mostly because I had time on my hands to spare over the weekends. I initially wanted to join the Science Team because I felt more comfortable with their experiment-based teaching methods as compared to the theoretical book-based ones. However, the science centers were far from where I live and as a result, I had to take up LE-Math and I was mapped to STEPS Korattur. Looking back on that decision, I have no regrets as the way we teach Math is primarily activity-based.

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?
Before Bhumi, I was not much of a children person. I never really had the chance to interact with children on a regular basis as we do at Bhumi. This interaction turned out to be a stress-buster. I would eagerly wait for the weekends to meet the children and spend two hours of quality time, educating them while having fun! On a personal front, my social-awareness has heightened and Bhumi has further emphasized the importance education especially in a child’s foundation years. Bhumi has also given me a sense of responsibility as teams are assigned roles and deadlines. The feeling of satisfaction that comes with meeting the deadlines always leaves us with a smile.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian.
There was this one time, in my center STEPS, where there was a warden change-over and the children were left lenient for a couple of weeks. And by all probabilities, I turned out to be the only volunteer who turned up in the center that week. The kids were all having a wonderful time going crazy without a warden. While I did try, I still couldn’t control them. Just then, this adorable little girl, Divya, from 2nd grade came up to me with a book in her hand and asked me to teach her, in spite of all the shouting and playing around. Puzzled, I asked her, “don’t you want to like play like them?” She replied, “We can play any time we want, but you come to teach here only twice a week and I didn’t want to miss that”. From that day forward, her words have been ringing in my mind and I believe that the motivation and will to learn has to be replicated in every child and adult alike.

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you
YES! This is one part I would love mentioning! The one person who made me join Bhumi and was always around the corner whenever I needed help. He is Sivakumar Selvaraj. You can barely see him without a huge warm smile on his face. He has been the one friend I can rely on unconditionally. He’d present himself with a steady hand to offer whenever I need any help with Bhumi or my personal issues. Even though he wasn’t in my Math Team, I would constantly pester him for suggestions and questions to improve our programme. He never gets angry! I would say that he is a blessing – the best kind of best friend and fellow Bhumian one could ever ask for!

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us?
When you go teach children on a weekly basis, they tend to bond with you. With time, the children start to feel more comfortable and they start playing with us. During such instances, you will find yourself at odds over making them study as they tend to use the closeness as a leeway to escape the studying. In my case, I had only been to the center, Avvai, a couple of times and talked to a few kids. While they were very interactive and engaging, they started calling me names and getting overly-candid after some warming up.  One of the girls was annoyed and educated them, saying, “stop with the name-calling, can’t you see that he is human too?” From that moment, the girls went all silent. Soon after, they began co-operating and we had an effective session. That girl’s words even though small, felt special!

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi?
We, as Bhumians, have taken up this volunteering activity with the common goal of giving back to our society through providing quality education. It’s not just about teaching for a couple of days a week and seeing this as another weekly activity on your schedules. It is about taking up responsibilities! The more ideas we contribute to this, the more effective our teaching will be! We need to work as team to steer these young impressionable minds to impact to their thought and knowledge. Enjoy volunteering, keep smiling, and always keep sight of the bigger picture – of helping build a more influential, equal, and socially conscious society.


Volunteer Den – Aarthi G

A little about yourself (origin, education, past work experiences)Aarthi G
Hi, I am Aarthi, I was born to Mr.Ramasamy and Mrs.Sittukalavathy Ramasamy on 15 June 1993. I completed my schooling from Montfort School, Kattur. Presently I’m pursuing my B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I am also, one of the co-founders of a campus company called “kNOWledge”, which is a part of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our college. The prime mission of our company is to increase the KEI of India, which is presently in 111th position. As a first step, we have started out by conducting technical and non-technical workshops for various age groups. These workshops are handled by us, the members of team kNOWledge. I got an opportunity to conduct a technical workshop on the topic “First step into the world of micro-controllers” for 120 students. As for the future, I’m planning to do MBA in HR and develop my company into a world class company that recruits people from other countries.

How did volunteering with Bhumi happen (including beginning, which project you volunteered for)?
Let’s just say I happened to be in the right place at the right time J. Bhumi was introduced to me when I was sitting next to Arshath(fondly called Map) and Harvey during their casual banter. I had always wanted to change the world but I had only passion and dreams with no way to channelize my thoughts and energy into the right direction. When I heard about Bhumi from these guys, I signed up for the orientations. I had to wait for a week before getting inducted into the Kanini project. I started volunteering in Hope of the hopeless home, by teaching basics of computer for 9th standard kids. My centre coordinator Prem and project coordinator Karthik made me comfortable and slowly I was made an integral part of the project :-)

What change did these experiences bring in your life? How has Bhumi altered you, personally?
I’ve become more responsible and thankful for all the things I’m blessed with. My listening skills are way better than they used to be. I’ve now become a better team player. Personally, I’ve become more social and I’ve started looking at things in all possible angles. Bhumi has also helped me hone my leadership skills. My relationship with people has improved and so has my trouble shooting abilities.

One most memorable incident in your life as a Bhumian.
There are too many incidents. But since you’re asking for one, I’d say, the preparation and implementation of BCC (Basic computer course) exam. Right from setting up of the internet lab in our home to last minute preparations for the children, our volunteers coordinated everything so well, through this I gained a lot of friends. The best part was, when I started revising the topics for the kids, all of them were super enthusiastic and were very eager to get their answers right, that made me realize the importance this exam held for these children. And this incident brought me one step closer to my children :-) 

Tell us about one Bhumian, who you think is a very good inspiration for you
The one who introduced me to Bhumi is my inspiration too. Arshath (Map), is one Bhumian whose dedication and hard work makes me awestruck. He initiated Lakshya in Trichy and played a major role in stabilizing it. He does justice to any work irrespective of whether it is assigned to him or not. His charisma and ‘We can, we will’ spirit is what keeps most of us rejuvenated and enthusiastic. I’ve adopted one of his mottos, that is, “To bring a constructive change to the society”.

Any specific, special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us? Would you mind if I share one moment with the kids and one with the volunteers?
During Joy to the world, one child, about 5 years old, didn’t know how to write. I sat beside him and asked for his wish, he looked at his friend’s card and asked me to write “Remote car”.  A few minutes later, he came rushing to me and asked to change his wish and he told me to write “Belt” in it. After writing it down I took a closer look at his attire and found that he wore clothes bigger than his size and the shorts was held using a rope. That was both an emotional and special moment for me. After successfully completing an orientation, we went out for ice cream at Michaels :-D. We had an ice cream competition and I came second :-P That was my first fun outing with my co-volunteers. The hilarious moments are something I’ll cherish forever.

A message to every volunteer at Bhumi?
Do what you do with passion. Do not expect immediate results. Believe in the cause you’re working for, if there is no faith in the cause then there is no use working for it Happy volunteering guys! :-)

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BHUMI (Lakshya) and DISHA Leadership Program

Recently, Bhumi partnered with DISHA, an initiative of the MaFoi foundation, to enhance the leadership skills of Class 11 children, through its Lakshya Program. The first leadership workshop, focused on enhancing communication and negotiation skills, was conducted on 17th Aug, 2014, where close to 45 students participated. It was a Junk Activity (Market Based), where they negotiated to buy junk from the market and designed a product using their creativity.

IMG-20140829-WA0022Success of the workshop

The first workshop was conducted efficiently, wherein the process, right from planning to execution exceeded expectations. The reason for this success was due to the inclusion of market concept in a clear and precise fashion, and the immaculate execution of the same. Though the activity was the same as in the previous years, small tweaks enhanced it to the next level. First was the addition of a stable market, with a seller who negotiates his items (junk) based on demand. Second was the adoption of the round robin format, which helped fulfill their requirement with virtual money and also gave them an equal chance to get what they want.

Enthused participation

Since the participants were in eleventh grade, they were able to understand the concept quite easily and were very open to learn and talk with the volunteers, which made the activity even better. The negotiation part of the activity between the children and the volunteer who acted as the seller was neatly done. Children were highly enthusiastic and creative in designing the concept, while being shrewd and efficient in the negotiation part as well.

IMG-20140829-WA0034The general verdict

On the positive side, ideas such as explaining the activity stage by stage and showing the children a video on negotiation at the end of the activity were well received and it made the process smoother. And, volunteers from DISHA were helpful and efficient in handling the children as well.

On the other hand, it would have been even better if there was a way to promote negotiation between teams during execution. The only downside was the time crunch, which was due to extra time taken to implement the activity.

Way forward

We have planned three more leadership workshops in the months of October 2014, January 2015 and February 2015, to cover various other leadership skills. We believe this partnership will help Bhumi’s Lakshya in strengthening its content in conducting programs for higher grade children.



DISHA provides an opportunity for children from disadvantaged communities to believe in their strengths and rise beyond all odds, to become grounded, educated and sensitive individuals of the society. Apart from providing scholarships, it also equips children in leadership skills, through its Disha Leadership Program. The program, provides children an environment to learn, act, and lead so that they can hone their skills, be productive and grow as concerned leaders. Disha Scholars from 8th standard undergo this program until their graduation

Letzchange – matching grant for donations to Bhumi

 Donations to Bhumi through LetzChange are matched 100% up to Rs.5,000


  • 0% fee /​ No ​Deductions: There are no fees (Bank / Card processing fee, disbursement fee), LetzChange assures all of the donated amount reaches Bhumi for maximum impact.
  • Extension of Match-Grant Scheme: Envisioned with “inculcating the habit of online giving” in India, LetzChange has extended the “​Match Grant Campaign” under which every donation made through the LetzChange website to Bhumi would be matched up to a cap of Rs. 5,000
  • E-Receipts: 80G receipts will be issued for all donations
  • Introduction of Live Donation Board for NGOs: Tracking real time donations for NGOs will become a lot easier using “Live Donation Board”

Make a double impact donation now

Careers: Regional Manager, Projects

Job Description: Regional Manager, Projects


Location: Pune / Mumbai / Chennai

The Regional Manager, Projects requires hands-on leadership for a geographic cluster of Bhumi chapters. Team spirit and the ability to build a good rapport with colleagues, coordinators and volunteers are key in being successful in this role. Experience in the education sector is desirable for this role. Main responsibility is to ensure smooth day-to-day running of all projects across the region.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead the implementation of all the educational projects across the region
  • Facilitating other projects like promoting volunteerism, entrepreneurship, wish fulfillment, events etc.
  • Ensure project activities are in compliance  with the planned objectives
  • Train and/or identify suitable trainers, and provide a continuous support system for the volunteers and project coordinators
  • Periodic centre visits across the region
  • Monitor project progress on weekly basis
  • Facilitate project assessments
  • Collect consistent feedback from volunteers and center management to facilitate continuous improvements
  • Analyse data, identify trends, prepare and share reports
  • Provide continuous guidance and mentorship to project coordinators
  • Facilitate team-building and volunteer morale activities at regular intervals
  • Troubleshoot project related problems, and identify and implement creative solutions

Other responsibilities include:

  • Identifying learning centres – tie up with orphanages, shelter homes, community centres, government or other low cost schools where children can benefit from Bhumi’s programmes
  • Recruit volunteers – Proactive volunteer recruitment campaigns in colleges, workplaces to bring in more volunteers
  • Identify opportunities and represent Bhumi – at events, companies, other organisations for partnerships etc.
  • Engage interns and campus ambassadors
  • Facilitate, groom and enable volunteers to take leadership roles
  • Document best practices, learning and share across stakeholders
  • Share knowledge with other Regional managers and identify best practices and create repository

Preferred Education Qualification/ Experience:

  • 2-4 years of relevant work experience, preferably in NGO sector is desirable
  • Graduate/Post Graduate degree in any discipline
  • Prior experience in training / leading a team is desirable
  • Prior experience of teaching children is desirable

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Fluency in English essential. Fluency in Hindi, Marathi (desirable-Mumbai), Tamil (desirable-Chennai)
  • Good Computer skills
  • Adept at working with a range of people and good relationship management skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, collaboration and project management skills
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Resourceful, responsible and self-starting
  • A proactive learner with a positive attitude
  • Ability to travel extensively – locally, regionally and nationally

Other Information:

  • Reporting to: COO / Projects Director, Chennai
  • Expected Age: Below 30
  • Scope: Full time, willing to work flexible hours. Wednesday Holidays
  • Remuneration: based on the candidate’s profile
  • Salary Range: Rs. 25,000 – 40,000
  • Expected Start  Date: Oct-Dec 2014

We are looking for dynamic leaders who are self-motivated and committed to increasing their skills, knowledge and ability, and are committed to the Bhumi team for at least two years. This is not an employment opportunity but a calling to facilitate change! If you qualify and are interested to take up the role please email your resume with two references and cover letter 


About Bhumi:

Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations, is the recipient of the ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement Award’ conferred by iVolunteer. Bhumi as a platform will enable over 5,000 volunteers in more than 10 cities across India volunteer for causes like education, environment, animals, community welfare etc. in 2014. Bhumi volunteers primarily work amongst over 15,000 underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telengana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Delhi NCR  with the aim of providing children with quality supplementary education to enable them become responsible and productive citizens of the future. Further details on