Little Einsteins’ Math Carnival

March 10 and 11 saw the fruition of several weeks of dedicated planning and hard work put together by the volunteers of Avvai Home and SISTWA. The event was a grand success and definitely worth the tireless efforts they put in. Read on to know more!!


To analyse every child’s progress without bringing in scary terms such as ‘assessment’.


The children had to navigate their way through Math stalls and on completing an activity, every child was given a ‘body part’, the colour of which defined the child’s understanding of the problem. By the end of the event, they had an AVATAR that highlighted their performance as a ‘Little Einstein’ :-) The stalls included:


Remember the days you jumped for joy at the sight of colourful balloons? As kids, all of us have cherished blowing and bursting balloons. Solve a simple question on a flash card and get the wonderful opportunity to burst a balloon containing the answer in it! The aim of this stall was to test the kids on simple addition/subtraction and averages concepts.


Want to see the kids scratch their heads to understand a simple problem put in words? This is the perfect stall. Make the kids comprehend a word problem and let them carry their answers in a cute little Dora paper bag. The ability of the child to convert the word problem into mathematical expressions was put to test in this stall. Watch out for the air flow! Your cards may fly off spoiling the fun!


Ever tried hopping with your hands? You are game for it if you have your multiplication tables at your finger tips! Identify the multiples/divisors of the number given to you and hop to the pinnacle of the pyramid, step by step, number by number, with your fancy smiley ball.


Aren’t you gung-ho about your favourite TV personality? Then why not put your aptitude to the test to guess the famous personality hidden within the puzzle? Answer the questions on the flash cards and unravel the ‘mystery’ behind them. Identify the personality after solving the set of questions and become a ‘child prodigy’!


Confused with ones, tens, hundreds, thousands….? Get hands-on experience at this counting frame by placing the right number of beads on the specific place values. Have fun experimenting with largest and smallest numbers using ‘Digit cards’. You’ve got to be brilliant in place value concepts to excel at this game!


Wish to play with your memory like a grandmaster? Get a snapshot of a 3×3 matrix flash card for two minutes and tickle your brain trying to recollect the odd/even or prime/composite numbers. Win points based on how quickly you recall and how clear your fundamentals are.


Love to shop till you drop? Get hold of some virtual money and enjoy the shopping experience. In due course of action, you get to know how to juggle your money and become a clever ‘shopaholic’! Simple concepts of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division are used to test the child’s ability to manipulate and manage their money.


This is a medley of mathematical concepts. Get asked a set of questions, hop on to the answer on the floor, climb the ladder or get bitten by a snake, get bonus points on answering the last question and have loads of fun!!


Wish to experience the geeky version of “Hide & Seek”? This stall is the place. Get blindfolded and feel the touch of different shapes in a bucket full of water. Identify the shapes in a similar bucket placed adjacent to it and become a winner! Hurray!!! The kid is smart enough to identify shapes.

As a volunteer, I completely enjoyed the carnival. Right from the inception of the idea to its implementation as a grand carnival, each moment was precious and unforgettable. “Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes great team work”. Such was the commitment from every volunteer’s side that they did not mind waking up at 5 in the morning to contribute their bit for the preparation. A bit of playing around, pulling each others’ legs and snacking alongside preparing for the Carnival during meetings added to the fun. As someone rightly said, “It doesn’t matter how old you are…If a little kid shoots you with a toy gun, you die on the spot”. The ultimate happiness for any volunteer is when the kids smile back at you and thank you for making Math so interesting.

Blessed are those who get an opportunity to give back their bit to society so early in life. I consider myself one of those lucky ones. I feel really PROUD to be a part of this great organization called BHUMI.

- Supraja Ramachandran

Also read: The poem by Nirupa Raghavan that beautifully captures the day in simple verses :)

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  1. Meghna Raveendra on said:

    Absolutely agree on Supraja’s last lines! The Concept is brilliant and activities look super fun..i already feel sad that i couldnt be a part of it!

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